Yesterday, we showed you the worst of Comic Con's advertising - now here's the best. From the horrifying to the fantastic, SDCC's marketers ramped up their aggressive tactics tenfold this year. But when you're getting free burgers, what's to hate?

Last year's Syfy bag was, well, not so clever. This year, Syfy piggy-backed off the wildly successful Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus film and made Mega Tote Vs. Giant Back Pack. It's cute, and praises the campy/wonderful TV movies Syfy has been cranking out this year - so win-win.

The vampire remake film, Let Me In, handed out their press materials in this little USB port. If you're seen the original, you know that the Rubik's Cube has an important cameo. This was a cute little nod to the film.

The Expendables was handing out gigantic temporary tattoos, which seemed fitting. We're guessing it was either that or steroid mints.

Flynn's Arcade was revamped to hold a secret Tron night club in the basement. It was super sleek - even the waiters were dressed up in their best Tron City clubber gear. It all looked amazing, especially the actors.

Face Hugger fans, or face-masks, or what-have-you.

Mattel was handing out Eternia Pine Deodorant. At first I laughed, then I thought, "Wait a minute, that's mean!" But later I realized it was a great idea after strolling into Hall H at 6:00 on Saturday. It's funny because it's true.

Cafe Diem was back this year, but it was same old, same old. We were much more impressed by their clever little button collections this year.

Feat.Net was handing out popcorn, kind of perfect really.

Hasbro's Galactus hats were way better than last year's Twilight Burger King crowns.

The Boba Fett box was also a pretty big hit. Check out Pop Candy's Whitney Matheson doing her best Fett.
Via Popcandy's Twitter

Scott Pilgrim set up an entire experience where you could screen print your own SP t-shirts, get autographs and design these amazing little flip books. But the biggest success had to be the free garlic bread truck. Until I learned that garlic bread makes you fat.
[Via Al Pavangkanan's Flickr.]

Syfy makes a cute nod to Eli's t-shirt on SGU.

Forget Livestrong, here's Livedead. Walking Dead's gray little wristbands were seen all over.

Skyline's falling bubble people were horrific, which we guess was the point. Tiny bubbles were packed into people shapes, and then rocketed into the sky. The film, Skyline, is all about aliens sucking up buildings and people into the sky. While watching them shoot up was neat enough, the real horror was watching them slowly fall back to Earth.

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Tribble Machine!

The sign says it all.

J.J. Abram's Super 8 viral the Rocket Poppeteers was seen blasting an old timey TV show theme song and driving around in this Ice Cream Truck. They handed out ice cream and t-shirts, which disappeared in mere minutes. No one is still 100% sure what it all means, but people are calling this the new Slusho.
[more Poppeteers images via First Showing]