McPoyle cosplay from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Nothing quite like playing a bunch of inbred milk-chuggers. Seeing as how they're going for creepy, this is a win. [Via Lauren Davis]

Snoopy is one of those characters who's absolutely charming in 2D but becomes nightmare fuel once he jumps off the Funny Pages. [Via Norman Chan]

I can appreciate the amount of effort that went into his abs and the total lack of effort that went into the rest of his costume. [Via Norman Chan]


See my comments for Snoopy.


I have no idea who this fellow is portraying. Part of me just hopes he made up a character, roamed the floors of Comic-Con, and rolled his eyes sagaciously whenever some peon asked him who he was. My guess? Kabuki Ultimate Warrior. [Via Meredith Woerner]

Pedo-Bear was giving out lollipops.


Wow. Just wow. [Via Meredith Woerner]