What's in your friendly neighborhood comic shop tomorrow? A time-displaced shitkicker Dark Knight, adorably trippy Finnish trolls, and jungle adventures from the late Frank Frazetta. These are the comics we crave this gorgeous July day. Check it!

Batman Return Of Bruce Wayne 4 (DC): And now, cowboy Batman, a.k.a. Cowbat Boyman.


Hotwire Deep Cut 1 (Radical): Warren Ellis and Steve Pugh pen another tale of Alice Hotwire, supernatural detective.

Batman: Widening Gyre 6 (DC): It's the conclusion to Kevin Smith's Dark Knight miniseries.

PunisherMAX 9 (Marvel): It's Frank versus Bullseye in Jason Aaron's rip-roaringly hardboiled take on everyone's favorite skull-shirted vigilante.


First Wave 3 (DC): Brian Azzarello's enjoyably pulp team-up series of Batman, the Spirit, the Blackhawks, and Doc Savage keeps rollicking along.

After Dark 1 (Radical): Peter David pens this new series about a group of outcasts and mercenaries making their way across a ruined planet.


Wonder Woman 601 (DC): At Comic-Con, Jim Lee was confronted with fans who were so-so on Wonder Woman's new leather jacket. Lee assured them that Wonder Woman could never, ever take the jacket off because it was magically sewn to her back.

Artifacts 1 (Image/Top Cow): This is Top Cow's mega-event — the series touches on Witchblade, The Darkness, Cyberforce, and other heroes in label's stable.

Scourge 0 (Aspen): Scott Lobdell pens this series, which is about a New York City plagued by a virus which turns people into gargoyles.


Stellar Pilot Season 1 (Image/Top Cow): A new superhero series from Robert Kirkman about a metahuman whose poisonous powers bar her from ever returning to Earth.

Wolverine Origins 50 (Marvel): It's the final issue of Daniel Way's Logan-seeks-revenge series.


Rasl 8 (Cartoon Books): Jeff Smith's RASL searches for the mystery behind a Tesla project.

American Vampire 5 (Vertigo/DC): The first arc to Scott Snyder's acclaimed wampyr series wraps up here. Also, a sweet variant cover by Paul Pope.


In the trade paperback department, we have Neil Gaiman's Batman: Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader? and Alan Moore's Superman: Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow? (DC), two tales of the World's Finest hanging up their capes. For the discerning zombie fan who gets his or her undead fix in trade form, we have Walking Dead Volume 12: Life Among Them (Image). Dark Horse is releasing a hardcover of Thunda - King Of The Congo, a collection of Frank Frazetta's old-school jungle adventurer tales. Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting's hardcover for The Marvels Project (Marvel) also hits stands.

MY PICK OF THE WEEK is also bookshelf material — it's Moomin - Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip: Volume 5 (Drawn and Quarterly), which collects the Moomin comic strips that ran in the London Evening News throughout the 50s and 60s. You may remember we posted some of Tove Jansson's Hobbit art a while back; you can sample some of the Moomin trolls' adorable weirdness here.


You can find the rest of this week's releases here and your neighborhood comic shop here. Happy reading, gang!