Chris Pine has some very definite ideas about what he'd like to see in Star Trek 2. The cast of Tron Legacy describe their mindbending costumes. Alfonso Cuaron's 3D epic about a doomed space mission has found its star. Spoilerbunga!

Star Trek 2:

Chris Pine says he'd like Kirk to have some romance in this movie - in particular, he's interested in the seemingly taken Uhura: "I want at least one shot at Ms. Saldana. I mean please, please God have mercy." He also would like more of Kirk's sense of humor to come out in the sequel. [On The Red Carpet]

Writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman were asked for what I believe is the ten millionth time where they're up to with the script. Their big revelation is that they've made "significant progress" on the story. They didn't reveal much more, although they did point out a big difference in how they will approach the storytelling this time around. It all comes down to the characters, as Orci explains:

"Now that we've set up everybody— there were new characters in the last one, so we really want to focus in on them. For example Scotty, who you met at the end of the last movie, who [was] so important to the crew but had the shortest screen time, now is going to be in the movie from the very beginning. In fact, the whole crew is in it from the beginning.

"In other word, the narrow focus of the last movie will broaden in the sequel. "Now the whole family is there and you want to focus on them first. Before you worry too much about new characters, make sure you have them taken care of."


[MTV News]

Tron Legacy:

Here's a video with the cast discussing their unusual costumes. In particular, Michael Sheen's description of what went into his costume has to be heard to be believed:Click to view


And here are some thoughts from Olivia Wilde on the incredible sets and what her character Quorra is all about:

"People always say, 'Oh it was all CG. Were you just acting on a green screen the whole time?' Our director is an architect, so we had sets that were so beautiful that there would be an audible gasp when people walked on the sets. Everything about this world was unfamiliar to us. It was totally non-organic, and so you kind of had to get used to what these surfaces would be like. Never seeing the sun - and we actually got to experience that, because I don't think any of us saw the sun for five months."

"[Quorra's] a warrior princess kind of thing. She's certainly not the vixen. I wasn't interested in making her that. I think people have seen that a lot, and I think the suits and the action make her sexy. She didn't need to try to play that."


[MTV News]

Transformers 3

At this point, it goes without saying that we have an insane amount of set photos from Chicago. Honestly, I'm just starting to wonder whether there are actually more Chicago set pics than there will be frames of footage in the finished film:


[Transformers Live, Transformers World 2005, and Movie Chronicles. Thanks to Matt Killen for the final three pictures.]


Scarlett Johansson has joined the very small cast of this movie about a failed space mission and the desperate attempt to return to Earth. She's the only survivor of the mission, although Robert Downey Jr. also is slated to be in the movie as well in an unspecified role. Alfonso Cuaron is directing, it's going to be in 3D, and they're talking it up as the most visually ambitious film since Avatar. So yeah, this could be interesting. [Hollywood News]


Superman Reboot:

A rumor is going around that True Blood costar Joe Manganiello is being seriously considered to play Superman. Keep your grains of salt close at hand, as this feels like a very shaky rumor (particularly since the report says DC Comics is considering him, when surely it would be almost entirely up to Warner Brothers). [The Examiner]


Some images of Thor's gear, from Comic Con: [IGN]

Predators 2:

Robert Rodriguez says that a sequel is looking very likely based on the performance of the first film. Of course, Rodriguez has also been promising to do Sin City 2 for what feels like centuries at this point, so don't get too excited just yet. [IGN]


Wolverine 2:

There are reportedly two leading candidates to direct the film: Cloverfield director Matt Reeves and the king of frenetic chaos himself, Tony Scott. For now, this should be considered somewhere between speculation and idle gossip, but both would probably produce a film that's visually...interesting. [The Playlist]

Underworld 4:

Director Len Wiseman says they're close to getting the go-ahead for a fourth film, and the current plan is for Kate Beckinsale to return to the franchise. [IGN]


Doctor Who:

The new Sherlock Holmes, the truly ludicrously named Benedict Cumberbatch (and with a name like "Alasdair Wilkins", I know a little something about ludicrous names), says he wouldn't want to appear on just "an episode" of Doctor Who, but what that means is anyone's guess. Does he want to be the Doctor? Could he be the new Master? Is he just being a merry prankster, as one might expect from a person who is actually named Benedict Cumberbatch? No idea, but he has worked with Steven Moffat, so some reasonably major involvement in the show at some point down the line is hardly impossible. [Digital Spy]

Warehouse 13:

Here are a trio of promos and sneak peeks for the next episode:
Click to view

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No Ordinary Family:

Just in case anyone was preemptively retching (or swooning, for that matter) at the thought of Michael Chiklis in spandex, fear not! The actor himself confirms they won't be wearing traditional superhero tights on the show. [TV Guide]

Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth and Charlie Jane Anders.