At the San Diego Comic-Con's Mondo Marvel panel, Marvel luminaries including Brian Michael Bendis, Jeph Loeb, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning divulged new Avengers-esque projects lined up for 2010-2011. What's on the docket? Oodles of Cap and Ultimates projects.

On deck for the panel was Marvel SVP C.B. Cebulski, Marvel's Manager of Sales Communications Arune Singh (dressed as Iron Fist), Jeph Loeb, Jim McCann, Brian Michael Bendis, Dan Abnett, and Andy Lanning. Also present was the Marvel editorial squad of Michael Horwitz, Mark Paniccia, and Tom Brennan. Here are some other tantalizing teasers the Marvelites provided:

- In the aftermath of Daredevil's darker turn in Shadowland, Nova is the new Man Without Fear — Marvel produced an image of the hero swooping over New York City.

- When asked about any upcoming Marvel/DC projects, C.B. Cebulski told fans to go to the Distinguished Competitor's panel and tell them "Marvel said 'yes' — what's your answer?"

- Loeb said that he couldn't reveal what live-action projects Marvel was developing with ABC, but that they would be announced soon.

And here are images from some upcoming 2010-2011 projects:

Ultimate Doom by Brian Michael Bendis.

Loki by Roberto Sacasa (October 2010).

Captain America and the Korvac Saga by Ben McCool.

Captain America: Hail Hydra by Jonathan Mayberry (January 2011).

Captain America: The Fighting Avenger.

Captain America: Out of Time by Mark Waid.

Ultimate Thor by Jonathan Hickman and Carlos Pacheco (October 2010).

Iron Man/Thor by Dan Abnett and Andy Landing.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot with Mike Mignola on the cover (January 2011) by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.

Power Man and Iron Fist by Fred Van Lente and Wellinton Alves, featuring a new Power Man.

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