After marveling at the down-and-dirty visuals of Predators, it's awesome to see some more Predators concept art. Looking at Alex Toader's concept art, you can practically feel the blood-scented wind on your face and hear the alien footsteps in pursuit.

Toader writes on his blog:

We had less than 8 weeks to come up with designs for the new clan of Predators.

KNB had to build them at the same time so we had to give them designs as we got them approved from the suits to the shoulder weapons. at the Same time Steve and Caylah ( the production designers had the art dept. humming on environments and locations...they also designed the center piece of the movie the Predator Camp, which turned out unbelievable!

Toader will be posting more art on his blog soon, so keep checking back there. There's more amazing images at the link already. [Alex Toader Art]