Oh, what a week that was. Inception put audiences in a topspin and the roaring drums of Comic Con are a-booming. Oh, and Sinestro pretended to be gay. Here are some other pieces for your consideration.

Methane bubble "doomsday" story debunked
For several days, bloggers and journalists have been passing around a news story about how the BP oil disaster will unleash a "giant methane bubble" and initiate a mass extinction. Yes, it's a myth. And we've busted it.

True Blood ties your vampire ass to the toilet and flushes
The insanity of the last episode was pretty difficult to follow. But when you tape a character to a toilet, put Sookie incognito, and then introduce another half-naked girl, you're building yet another classic episode of True Blood.

Why did Predators' trailer lie to us?
Predators pretty much ruled - but after we walked out of it, we were left going, "Waaaaait a minute." Because this movie's trailers were deceptive as heck. They included one iconic shot that wasn't quite in the actual film. Spoilers!

Was our universe born inside a black hole in another universe?
The current explanation of the universe's origins relies on clumsy assumptions and can't explain most subatomic particles. A small tweak to general relativity solves these problems - and seemingly proves the universe must have come from a black hole elsewhere.

The 5 most tear-jerking X-Men deaths
Out of all the superteams in comics, the X-Men always seem to rack up the highest body counts. It's like dying is their mutant power! In any case, here are the weepiest passings in X-history.


Think your job sucks? In Revolver, the hero is half office drone, half apocalypse survivor
In Matt Kindt's new graphic novel Revolver, the book's protagonist crosses over into an apocalyptic reality whenever he falls asleep in the "real" world. io9 talked to Kindt about job dissatisfaction and interdimensional angst.

Do you suffer from nerd rage? Take our quiz and find out!
This dude just said the Battlestar Galactica finale was "great storytelling." WTF!? And then his friend started lecturing you about why your phone sucks. Are you starting to hyperventilate? You've got nerd rage! But just how wrathful are you?

The dance adventure is just beginning: LXD's Jon M. Chu talks to io9!
You've never seen a superhero story like the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, or the LXD. The first three episodes of this heroic-dance webseries are online now. But creator Jon M. Chu tells io9 it gets a lot deeper. Spoilers ahead...

What you can't miss at Comic Con 2010
Starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the mighty mountain of coolness at this year's San Diego Comic Con? Don't worry, we've highlighted the best of the best right here. Check out our picks of the best panels and events!

Big mystery holding back practical superconductors may have been solved
Superconductors carry electric current with no energy loss. They could revolutionize our electrical grid, but they only work at impractically low temperatures. We just figured out a key reason why – and possibly got a lot closer to room-temperature superconductors.