The $200 million film Inception has a cerebral concept and an austere marketing campaign. But what if it had a ridiculous title, and posters that talk down to the audience? That's what we asked the other day, and you delivered.

Oh, and our suggested alternate slogan for the movie is slightly spoilery, if you've managed to avoid learning anything about the most basic premise of this film.


So if Inception was called Thief Of Dreams and had one of these posters, would it make buckets of cash? Mayyybe. There are a couple here that made me think, "I'd see that." What do you think? And thanks to all our readers who rose to our challenge!

Bay-tastic poster by Smeagol92055.

Poster by Parkerbell

Poster by Kasamir.

The "Don't Fall Awake!" slogan is inspired. By Reid Workman.

Poster by 0ni0n, inspired by Roald Dahl.

Completely misrepresents the concept. Good job, Skippitymonster!

Yay, EdificeComplex!

It's Cyber! Thanks to AgentCoop

Yay Julius Seizure - Proud Canuck

You know, this movie would have been a guaranteed hit if the posters had featured a unicorn. By LandersDip

Inspired by the Douglas Fairbanks "Thief of Baghdad" poster. By ChuckEye.