In the 1960s, United States Steel released Power Styling, a book of remodeled electrical stations that crackled with modernist flair. The book imagines a mod future in which "electrical engineer" is the sexiest gig on the planet.

Here's the description of Power Styling from grain edit. They're not sure who made these illustrations but have confirmed that these designs weren't the work of Syd Mead:

The problem of locating electric power structures and lines is becoming increasingly difficult. The public is sensitive to and critical of the appearance of such facilities which traditionally have been designed on a function-reliability-safety-initial low cost basis with little consideration given aesthetics. Remedial measures taken during or after erection are usually of limited success and costly.

"POWER STYLING" combines structural form and aesthetic expression in the design of electric power installations by establishing appearance as a major requirement during the initial stage. In this way, more attractive installations can be developed without sacrifice of safety or reliability-often at lower overall cost.

[grain edit via Core 77]