Yesterday a total solar eclipse fell across the South Pacific, bringing thousands of tourists and scientists to Easter Island to witness it. We've got pictures from this historic and vaguely spooky event.

Above is what the eclipse looked like from the South Pacific, during the less than five minutes that the moon blocked the sun, casting a shadow on the Earth.

Here you can see what the eclipse would have looked like from space - this is an image of a total eclipse in 2006, captured by the International Space Station.

All of the onlookers at Easter Island got ready for the eclipse beneath the island's famous Moais. The eclipse was also visible in Chile.

In this shot of the eclipse, you can see the sun's corona and what looks like a solar flare.


Apparently none of the Moai on Easter Island breathed fire or came to life, despite the solar eclipse. Once again, life sadly did not imitate a Syfy Original Movie.

Second image from top via NASA/Getty. Other images via MSNBC, where you can see more photos and read more about the event.

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