You won't find London's West Ashfield Tube Station on any maps or in any guide books. Heck, you won't even find it underground. No, this Tube stop resides on the third floor of a North Kensingston office building. But why?

Unlike the magical train platforms of Harry Potter or the interdimensional office building from Being John Malkovich, the West Ashfield Tube Station's reason for being is way more mundane. It's a simulator designed to teach Tube employees the ins and outs of London's metro. Still, the West Ashfield Station goes whole hog with the special effects.

Even though no trains run through the station, speakers, fans, and a distant rumbling recreate the whooshing of approaching trains. The station even comes outfitted with newspaper dispensers, maps, and benches. But is the third rail electrified?

[IanVisits via The Presurfer]