We have a soft spot for dilapidated dinosaur theme parks. Here's another prehistoric-themed park in a Russian gypsum mine, 230 feet underground.

Creepy dinosaur sculptures are one thing, but creepy dinosaur sculptures in an old gypsum mine is the stuff of a very special cave-in episode of Scooby Doo in which the Mystery Machine gang must share the scraps of Scrappy until help arrives.


Also, observe the rotting mannequins. They immediately make even the most innocuous tourist attraction a profoundly surreal experience. If you ever go to the Château d'Ussé (a.k.a. "the Sleeping Beauty castle") in France, you'll notice that the beauty of the castle and countryside are eclipsed by the fact that you're surrounded by moldy facsimiles of Sleeping Beauty characters whose faces are melting off. Not recommended.

[mr-ank via English Russia]