The National Museum of Health and Medicine has a massive gallery of weird medical photography on their Flickr page, including a large collection of public health posters from World War II. Here are some of the more confounding messages.

[The National Museum of Health and Medicine via Morbid Anatomy]

Hey, if that soldier's drinking straight out of Castle Greyskull's sewage grate, that's his own damn fault.

I like how the soldiers in the lower right quadrant are but mildly disapproving of that guy vomiting on their dinners. Was syrup of ipecac was used as an aperitif back in the 1940s?

I love this poster. Taken at face value, Uncle Sam wants us to jump into toilets and skewer giant flies mid-coitus in their giant fly boudoirs. Now that's a war I'd enlist for.

Barring the last sentence, I honestly have no idea what this posters about. Are men encouraged to take prostitutes in the second-to-last line?

Damn. I will never look at lice the same way ever again.

This is one of those posters I prefer to take literally. A man goes to work with his lunch pail and witnesses two bombers with GONORRHEA and SYPHILIS emblazoned on their bottoms bombing the shit out of the shoebox factory. Cue the Charlie Brown "sad walking" theme. End scene.

Again, what the hell? Hitler and Goebbels came up with a special medal for Americans with STDs? Is this implying that having the clap makes you honorary Nazis?

I'm pretty sure this poster comes from an alternate history World War II, in which the American military outfitted their boys with belts and flyswatters. The Allies won due to their maniac psychological edge.