The multiverse is a wacky place. When people aren't trying to uplift their hamsters, they're playing pranks on Scientologists or hauling their kids off to that geyser that spews sky kittens. Scenes from a Multiverse is a goofy, pandimensional tour.

Jonathan Rosenberg is the creator of Goats, one of the Internet's longest-running comics. Goats' sprawling plot arcs already span the multiverse and feature Satanic chickens, the infinite monkey dimension, the murder of God, and a villainous Gregor Mendel. Rosenberg recently decided to put Goats on hiatus and turn his geeky sensibilities toward a gag-a-day comic. The result: Scenes from a Multiverse, a comic chock full of science jokes and many-tendrilled aliens.

And for those who delight in telling cartoonists what to do, Rosenberg posts a poll each Friday to see which multiversal destination warrants a repeat visit. I'm pulling for the Inner Science Rings of the Branes of Curiosity, mainly because I want to see one of those hamsters get tenure.

[Scenes from a Multiverse]