Congratulations - you've made vampires so popular that they've got their own Scary Movie spoof film. Are you happy now? You're all grounded and the punishment is watching the Vampires Suck wackadoodle parody trailer we've scrounged up.

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That's a lot of unfunny. But I'll admit I did kind of chuckle when the shirtless, jean-shorted wolf pack broke out into an It's Raining Men dance - it's like they were in my brain! Another thing it has going for it is Ken Jeong, from Hangover and Community. And just about everything he does is pretty damn funny. So we'll give it one more chance.

In other vampire news, I was asked to prattle off a list of the ugliest vampires ever in vampire history for Marie Claire. Sadly The Night Flier and Salma Hayeck's from Dusk Till Dawn didn't make the cut. But Bill Paxton's Severen from Near Dark certainly did.