It's time for something beautiful. Enter the world of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, where ethereal creatures roam freely. Her work is a mixture of mythology and folklore with a hint of surrealism influenced by nature.

The Unfurling.....An absolutely magnificent woman highlighted in peacock feathers... and yet look very closely at the bottom of the picture. What is the foundation for her glory?

You will see Japanese influences in her work - along with graceful movement. This piece is no exception. And again, a closer look reveals all kinds of creatures.

A lot of her work is commissioned by various publishing companies for books, magazines, role-playing games, etc. It's easy to see why.

There is romance in her work and a hopefulness of better times in this world's future.

Weight of the Heavens - I love the way she mixes in beautiful and the horrible. Ghostly images.

This one is titled Seeking the Moth Queen. Moths get a bad rap, especially when compared to the butterfly. There is just a more honest radiance to a moth somehow.

Titled Harbinger, this piece displays many different backgrounds and cultures and brings them all together.

This is a new work of art. I love the matter-of-fact looks on the faces of these reptiles surrounded by the most unusual circular plants (or are they another animal's shell or stones?).

What young girl hasn't wished for wings or to be friends with a dragon? How about both? The peaceful setting makes you feel safe and comfortable. Shades of green and purple show strength and also tranquility.

The Maestro - this piece is magnificent in its presentation. More peacocks, forest creatures and Stephanie's signature ethereal skyscapes.

Dreamscapes - the stained-glass window in the upper left corner is breath-taking. And the angelic fairy seems to have a secret.

This piece is called The Summoning and shows the power of this woman. With simple outstretched arms she brings all the forest creatures to her.

This image, along with three others, depict the seasons. This one is Summer.

This is Spring.

This is Autumn.

This is Winter.

Titled Companions, another view of the friendship between dragon and fairy. Their confidence is evident in their gaze. Wouldn't want to mess with these two.

This one is called Crows. I have a special affinity for crows and so this is one of my favorites. A good friend of mine (who also happens to be an artist) loves to draw crows as well.

Fantastic Visions - cats, foxes, even a crow.....

Stephanie has a series of "knot" images. Sacred, magical and wondrous. Two competing dragons.

Catknots - A winged cat and a fish.

Foxknots - definitely a sense of movement, almost as if they could melt into fox soup if they turn much faster.

This last image was used as an album cover for the Seventh Key. A dangerous woman.


For more information on Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, please see her website