Rape-Ex, a female condom containing teeth so powerful a doctor would have to remove it if it was ever used, is allegedly being distributed at the World Cup. Is the Vagina Dentata the future of personal security?

CNN is reporting the the anti-rape female condom, the condom with teeth, is being circulated and promoted at the World Cup. This is a female condom which clamps down on a penis wit tiny teeth, but without breaking the skin. Creator and South African, Dr. Sonnet Ehlers explains, "It hurts, he cannot pee and walk when it's on. If he tries to remove it, it will clasp even tighter."

Once the device attaches itself, a doctor has to remove it, hopefully coinciding with an arrest. The article states that the doctor wanted to distribute up to 30,000 free devices at the World Cup, and has previously sold them for $2.

It's either the new mace, or Chastity Belt 2.0. But we wonder, does the thing really work?