Before you watch Sunday's season premiere of True Blood, you may be wondering who all these sexy new faces are? Here's a round up of all the new supernatural characters who are ready to take their clothes off. Spoilers ahead...

Who: Coot
What: Werewolf
Actor: Grant Bowler
New character Coot is the leader of the werewolf biker gang called the Fuck You Crew. Loves v-juice and is a bit of a dick, but that might just be the v-juice.

Who: Franklin Mott
What: Vampire
Actor: James Frain
From the clips we've seen and what we've heard, Mott has ditched his Italian accent and mustache for the TV show. But it doesn't really matter, because this character is too good to mess up. He's the perfect blend of kindness and cruelty. Mott becomes the companion to the broken-hearted and unwilling Tara. Also he's completely insane — "Take off your clothes and do what I say while I smother your face with a pillow all the while whispering that you're beautiful" insane. This is the one character we're most excited to meet!

Who: Alcide Heveraux
What: Werewolf
Actor: Joe Manganiello
The "nice" werewolf. Sooikie's companion on her journey to find Bill. Alicide takes Sooks inside the underbelly of the werewolf world, trying to smoke out what happened to Bill. The chemistry between Sookie and Alcide should be strong, but who wouldn't have chemistry with those abs? Consider him a reformed werewolf, who's more concerned about Sookie's safety than getting back in good with the were-bikers.

Who: Debbie Pelt
What: Werelynx, in the books
Actor: Brit Morgan — you may remember her as Lacey from The Middleman.
Debbie is Alcide's ex and the cause of a lot of heartache for both Alcide and Sookie. She wants what she wants, when she wants it, and doesn't really care who gets hurt in the process. Debbie is certifiable. In the show, she is allegedly addicted to V-juice, as many of the werewolves in the first pack we're introduced to seem to be. She's linked romantically to Coot in the beginning of the season.

Who: No idea
What: Werewolf
Actor: Andy Mackenzie
This is one of Coot's pack members. You've seen him spar with Eric inside Sookie's house in the behind-the-scenes clips.

Who: Crystal Norris
What: Were-something. I'd feel like hell if I ruined it. So just know she's "special."
Actor: Lindsay Pulsipher
Meet Jason Stackhouse's new conquest. She's the girl standing in the woods that gives Jason yet another revelation. Will this be the year that everything Jason touches with his penis isn't cursed? Knowing True Blood? No, probably not.

Who: Tommy Mickens
What: Shifter
Actor: Marshall Allman
This is Sam's little half-brother he never knew he had. Unlike in the novels, Tommy can shift. As in the novels, his family is still rural and poor. We have a funny feeling he's not going to like having Sam show up after all of these years.

Who: Melinda Mickens Tommy — and Sam's Momma
What: Shifter?
Actor: J. Smith-Cameron
In the books Melinda can shift, but we're not 100% sure that's the same in the show. Either way, Melinda is over-the-moon about the return of her adopted son Sam — now if only she and her alcoholic husband would stop embarrassing Sam so much.

Who: Russell Edgington
What: Vampire
Actor: Denis O'Hare
The King of Mississippi. Edgington is around 3,000 years old and the royalty in Mississippi. He has Vampire Bill over for an extended stay, so he can hear out his job offer. Edgington prides himself on his manners and money — in fact, he considers it bad form to whip out one's fangs while inside his home. Edgington also prefers the company of men. But don't be fooled by his charm, the man is evil.

Who: Talbot
What: Vampire
Actor:Theo Alexander
Edgington's vampire companion and lover. Hilarious. He was a human in the books so we're not sure what else has changed, but he's been described as a softening counterpart to Russell.

Who: Ruby Jean Reynolds
What: Human
Actor: Alfre Woodard
Lafayette's crazy invalid mother. Hates gays, Mexicans, women — everything.

Jesus Velasquez
What: Human?
Actor: Kevin Alejandro
Jesus is a new character, and possibly the new love interest for everyone's favorite, Lafayette. He spends his days in a nursing home caring for the elderly, including Lafayette's mother Ruby. He's been described as devastatingly handsome, and Alejandro is definitely that. It's about time Larayette got a little lovin' — but then again this is True Blood, so it can't be meant to last.

Who: Yvetta
What: Human
Actor: Natasha Alam
Pam and Eric's new sex toy and the new Fangtasia dancer. From Estonia.