Stargate is ending, Lost is over and Fringe has already blown our minds with its huge spring finale. So what should you watch this summer? Don't worry, we've got a round up of all this summer's big TV shows.

Neighbors From Hell

An interesting adult cartoon about a stereotypical sitcom family, of hell demons. After getting a promotion from Satan himself, the devil family of 6, including grandpa and the "dog" are forced to live top side on Earth, in order to stop a giant drill from reaching hell. We've seen the first episode and it's cute, nothing Earth-shattering, but good for entertaining oneself for a small amount of time.
Premieres: Monday June 7th on TBS

Persons Unknown

People are calling it "part-Lost, part-Prisoner," but why it's getting linked to Lost still remains to be seen. Persons Unknown feels much more like a PG-rated Saw movie turned TV show. Here's the basic premise: A bunch of folks wake up in a ghost town as prisoners to an unknown video camera eye in the sky. From there they have to figure out why they are there and who is keeping them. Wild guess: I bet they are all secretly related to each other in some manner or another. This being the first we ever heard of this series is probably not a great sign, but we'll give it a chance.
Premieres: Monday, June 7 at 10 PM on NBC


Penn & Teller: Bull!

There have been 8 seasons of this "mythbusters with magicians" series. I have never watched it, but P&T are by far the magicians I hate the least. This year they will be blowing the roof off bottled water myths, psychics, end-of-the-world zealots, secondhand smoke, and ESP.
Premieres: Thursday June 10th on Showtime 10PM

True Blood

Waiting sucks, but it's almost time to go back to the campy naked-vampire-infested South of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Bill's been vampire-napped, Eric has found a new way to wear tank tops, there are werewolves, were-puppies, plenty of gratuitous naked Sookie shots, and PAM. Need we say more? Take off your shirts and lick some eggs — it's time to watch True Blood.
Premieres: Sunday June 13th on HBO

The Gates

It's Desperate Housewives meets Supernatural, but instead of smoldering midwestern demon-killing men, we get a casserole-baking vampire housewife, Rhona Mitra. Fair trade, I say. A new police chief moves into a secluded town, called The Gates, and he and his family get to see how the supernaturally elite life first hand. I'm actually pretty excited about this — it seems like the proper amount of soap opera and camp for this kind of genre, check out the brand new clips.
Premieres: Sunday, June 20 at 10 PM on ABC



You can't keep a good Bender down. The entire Planet Express crew will be back after getting killed off a few years ago, with a "Rebirth" at their new home on Comedy Central. We're all waiting.
Premieres: Thursday June 24th on Comedy Central

Warehouse 13

Call this series the biggest surprise of last year's summer season. Everyone fell in love with the mysterious secluded government Warehouse keeper Artie, and all the wonderful, and sometimes deadly, toys he filled it up with every week. Plus his new warehouse guardians, Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering, are pretty easy on the eyes. This year even promises a Warehouse 13 and Eureka crossover!
Premieres: Tuesday July 6th on Syfy.



Looks like everyone is leaving Carter this year, from his girlfriend to his daughter. Can the sheriff of a town full geniuses handle his only daughter leaving for Harvard? Most likely no, but it's Eureka, so you know any drama will be delivered with a wink and a smile. Plus this season Eureka is getting tons of surprise visitors frrom Jamie Kennedy to James Callis.
Premieres: Friday July 9th on Syfy at 9 PM

New Noir Trailer


Based on the Stephen King novella The Colorado Kid, Syfy's brand new series Haven is about a small little town that dampens superhero powers in its residents. So naturally all of the citizens there are "special people" looking to live out their days normally, until a sexy FBI agent rolls in following a murder investigation.
Premieres Friday July 9th on Syfy at 10 PM

New Trailer!

Being Human

After the massive first season, let's hope Being Human gives the Ghost, Werewolf and Vampire flatmates a break this year. We can't take any more people being mean to the lovely little werewolf George Sands. Watch as these three supernatural 20-somethings attempt to get by under the radar in Bristol, UK.
Premieres: Saturday July 24 on BBC America