What could possibly lay on the other side of this seven-meter-high gate? Another universe? A magical fortress? A playground for departed spirits? The most magnificent thing about Tony Phantastes' Dreamer's Gate is how many places you could imagine it leading.

Australian artist Tony Phantastes worked on the Dreamer's Gate from 1993 to 1999, and then abandoned it, and the people of the nearby town of Collector have been trying to tear it down for structural disintegrity.

According to Michael John Grist's Out Of Ruins blog:

The gate was made by just one man, using techniques adapted from ship building methods. The sculptural 'skeleton' is made from 4mm galvanized wire tensioned in place and secured to a half-meter deep concrete footing .The work is then strengthened by the use of galvanised piping as cross members. Finally, it is covered with a 'skin' of hessian, plaster, chicken wire, reo, mesh and a final layer of cement render. This technique is one that Tony Phantastes has been perfecting while working on two other sculptures located at private residences in Ainslie and O'Connor, in the ACT.

There are weird angels, but also a sculpture of a giant man who seems to be dreaming. Grist says that some people speculate the work was fueled by Phantastes' experiences as his father was dying of cancer.

More information, and images, over at the link. [Michael John Grist]