Jack Black is Lemuel Gulliver in the new retelling of Jonathan's Swift's Gulliver's Travels. The first ever trailer has been released and it's just as discouraging for the future of humanity as you'd expect.

Hmmm, needs more Ted Danson.

Sure Swift's story is funny, but once Jack Black made a Lilliputian foosball table, we brushed this off as another Shallow Hal addition to Black's movie catalog and retreated back to our Tenacious D tunes. No doubt this movie will be the must-watch item on weekend cable channels, but right now it just makes us depressed.


Maybe we're judging it too soon and this is just a crappy trailer. But seriously — enough with the "ha, he's such a fucking nerd, look at him playing with his Star Wars figurines" schtick. I think we've made you enough money over the last year, Hollywood. At least try something different, a la Hot Tub Time Machine's "I write Stargate fanfic" quip.

Gulliver's Travels hits theaters 22 December 2010.

[via apple]