A traveling underground fight club fights local werewolves. No, you're not still drunk — this is the premise of an actual film titled, Growl. "It's the last sound you'll hear." Starring Katee Sackhoff. Quick, give it all your money now.

Shock Till You Drop has a collection of stills from the film Growl, by Sxv'Leithan Essex. And the director doesn't just want to make one film about Ultimate Fighter-looking fellas punching werewolves in the snout, he wants it to be a trilogy, with a video game and a prequel comic book. And get this, Kiefer Sutherland "is in talks" to join the production. Suck it, AVP!


A traveling underground fight club called 'The Brawlers' arrive at a derelict ghost town tucked away in the Colorado Rockies. They meet the town's only residents, the Maxilla family who want to buy on to the fight card. But the Maxilla family's true intentions for the Brawler crew is soon revealed in teeth and claws. Some will be hunted, some will be feed, and some will become part of the family...whether they like it or not.

Katee Sackhoff stars with Josh Kelly, Paul Bean, Jennifer Lee Wiggins and Mark Sherman. Here's a teaser poster and still. For more pics check out STYD.

We're there, front row, sometime in 2011.