This Wednesday, the incomparable Patton Oswalt delivers his secret history of Hoban "Wash" Washburne in Serenity: Float Out. Mister "I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar" has deserved a formal send-off for years — about time.

Oswalt is no stranger to comics (he previously penned JLA: Welcome to the Working Week for DC) or the Whedonverse (he guested on Dollhouse), so it's nice to see this one-shot from Dark Horse in Patton's loving mitts. Hey publishers, I'm pretty sure if you schedule more of these high-profile Firefly titles, folks'll buy the living heck out of them. Hint hint!

What other notable releases are on Wednesday's docket?

- Avengers Prime 1 (Marvel): Brian Michael Bendis and Alan Davis tackle Marvel's Big 3 - Thor, Iron Man, and Steve Rogers - in this miniseries. I would've preferred more of this from the revamped Avengers series, but que sera sera.


- iZombie 2 (DC/Vertigo): After the savvy $1 debut issue of Chris Roberson and Mike Allred's zombie detective series, I'm looking forward to the ongoing adventures of undead flatfoot Gwen Dylan.

- Brightest Day 3 (DC): Undead Firestorm is back, and he's going to turn your girlfriend into a pillar of salt.

- Franken-Castle 17 (Marvel): It's official - the Punisher of the 616 universe is a patchwork undead gunslinger. If this ain't your cup of tea, be happy that he isn't an angel anymore.

This week also sports several compendiums worth of worthy capers. There's Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark's Daredevil Omnibus Volume 2 (Marvel), a reprinting of Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.'s 1993 miniseries Daredevil: Man Without Fear (Marvel), and the paperback edition of Grant Morrison's Final Crisis (DC).


Other worthwhile collections include volume 4 of Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield's Freakangels web comic (IDW), volume 8 of Brian Wood's DMZ ("Hearts And Minds," DC/Vertigo), and IDW's Metal Gear Solid omnibus. Ready your cardboard boxes!

What's my PICK OF THE WEEK? The Star Wars Omnibus Volume 1 - "A Long Time Ago" (Dark Horse). It's the first 27 issues of Marvel's 1977 Star Wars comics in one manageable brick of a book. There's a lot to love here - Luke making out with Leia, Chewbacca and Han fighting in a holographic arena, the introduction of mother-loving Jaxxon, and Darth Vader yelling at a lot of incompetent underlings. It's pulpy, borderline canonical Star Wars storytelling that predates Empire and doesn't crumble under the weight of its own mythos. Also, the book contains artwork from such heavyweights as Howard Chaykin and Carmine Infantino, so it's also a joy to ogle.

As usual, you can find the rest of the week's releases here and your local comic book purveyor here. Happy reading, folks!