For 12 years, Elizabeth director Shekhar Kapur has been trying to make Paani, his movie set during future water wars. Now that he's finally making it, he's tweeting photos that prove the water wars are already here.

Earlier this month, Kapur posted this grim concept art of the "undercity" where the less privileged residents of Mumbai live in his film:

And more recently, he's been posting stark, grim reference photos of Mumbai's already-existing slums and sewage drains, like the one up top, on his Twitter stream. He's also posted contrasting photos of the sparkling affluence Mumbai's rich live in:

And he's posted some depressing emails he's gotten about the water wars, complete with his own commentary, on his blog. Like this one:

This came in from Bhaskara :
"Today I was watching a local kannada news channel. There was a news that, people in Bijapur were furious over water supply. The reason was for weeks there was no water supplied to homes. When the public attacked the local water regulation body, they found out that there was water in the tank, but it was being supplied only to influential people like Politicians and Business men. You needed to have political influence to get water in the tap !!"
So this is the story of Paani. 12 years ago when I was trying to get funding for Paani, every one said that I was talking about a fantasy film, that no one would identify with the problem. Today they say I must make the film because it is so relevant.

Now that Kapur has cast mega-star Hrithik Roshan in his film, here's hoping we actually get to see it in the next few years.