It's Memorial Day. Do you know what that means? Yes, we're in the summer doldrums, but never fear. TV's got new episodes of Ashes to Ashes, Doctor Who, Stargate Universe, and a slew of rad movies in store for you.

MONDAY 5/31/10

On Memorial Day, it's slim pickings. There's a 12-hour block of Star Trek: The Next Generation (8 AM-8 PM) on BBC America.

TUESDAY 6/1/10

On a new Ashes to Ashes (10 PM, BBCA), Jackie - Gene's friend - shows up unexpectedly; and Alex begins to catch wind that everything's not quite right with Jackie.


There's a new episode of Mythbusters (8 PM, Discovery, "Fireball Stun Gun"). The M.B. team presumably build a, ahem, fireball stun gun. Sounds promising!

LATE NIGHT: Evangeline Lily is on Craig Ferguson (12:30, CBS).


On Comedy Central, they're playing the two-hour entirety of Futurama: Bender's Big Score beginning at 8 PM. I presume this is to get viewers amped up for the Futurama return later this month. Thank Hanukkah Zombie!


On Science, there are two new episodes of Synthetic Life (8 & 9 PM). Also, the rare Moonlight marathon airs from 8 AM - 5 PM today on SyFy.

FRIDAY 6/4/10

On Stargate Universe (9 PM, SyFy, "Incursion"), it's the beginning of the two-part season finale. The Destiny crew is under attack and must make some dire choices before the season is out.

One AMC, there's a doubleheader of subpar horror flicks Pet Semetary (8 PM) and They (10 PM). This is strictly drinking game viewing. WALL*E is on Encore at 8 PM. Death Race is on HBO at 8 PM. Jason Statham is so damn grizzled.

A new Merlin airs at 10 PM on Syfy.

LATE NIGHT: True Blood's Sam Trammell is on Jimmy Kimmel (Midnight, ABC)


On a new Doctor Who (9 PM, BBCA, "Amy's Choice"), The Doctor brings Amy to the night before her first child is born.

There's a doubleheader of pandemic-themed flicks on AMC: Virus (8 PM) and Outbreak. Evil Dead 2 is on IFC at midnight. Bikini Frankenstein is on Cinemax at 12:35 AM. The synopsis? A Transylvanian scientist brings a sexy lady back from the dead. It's definitely not going to be on the same level as Frankenhooker, but hey, it could be up your alley.

District 9 is on Starz at 9 PM.

There's a new episode of Kekkaishi (Cartoon Network, "Yoshimori and Tokine") at 12:30 AM.

SUNDAY 6/6/10

At 10 PM, there's a new Breaking Bad - "Half Measures" (AMC). Jesse starts acting out, and it's Walt's job to keep him in line.

Blade Runner is on BBC America at 8 PM.