Every week, we round up the best tips that you post in io9's tips forum. This week, we've got a mash-up of crime-fighting ninjas, astronaut pictures, madness, Ghostbusters, hypothetical libraries, and much more!

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Tip: Ninjas: Australia's first line of defense.

CoffinDodger gave us a pretty excellent rundown of what happened:

Please please let there be youtube footage of this soon!!

Only in Australia folks.

Three muggers in Australia got the fright of their lives when their attack was interrupted by five black-clad ninja warriors.

Apperantly its a very bad idea to mug someone in Sydney near a school for ninja warriors!!!!!

Now thats a proper superhero clan! Not all this crap in capes and spandex............GOD DAMN NINJAS!!


Behold the rise of the mighty Australian Ninja!

Yes. God Damn ninjas. I smell a reality TV show!

Tip: Think your myspace mirror self-portraits capture your soul? Prepare to be pwned.


bookwench brings us this bit of pretty:

Oh man. Astronaut self-portrait. In space. Reflecting the earth.



Tip: Ever feel like your creativity is bordering on madness? There might not be that much of a difference after all.

Apparently, dopamine levels in creative types tend to be similar to those of a schizophrenic! Joy.

This article was brought to us by Mathmos and here's a blurb:

New research shows a possible explanation for the link between mental health and creativity. By studying receptors in the brain, researchers at Karolinska Institutet have managed to show that the dopamine system in healthy, highly creative people is similar in some respects to that seen in people with schizophrenia.


Well, that's comforting.

Tip:. If you're bummed by the delays in the production of Ghostbusters 3 then here's a little something to feed your need for sweet ghost-busting action.

Log1c has the scoop on the video:

Improv Everywhere recreates Ghostbusters in the NY public library where the opening scene was originally filmed.

These are always hilarious. I kind of wish I were in NY so I could join in.



Tip: This is like idea paradise.

CuriousYellow is my new hero for telling us about this:

The Hypothetical Library is this blog where authors are asked to provide a premise for a book that they have no intention of writing, that will never exist, and a book cover and blurbs etc are designed for this imaginary book. Yes, it is a weird premise, but produces some cool stuff. The most recent entry is from Neil Gaiman and is pretty awesome (I would totally read the hypothetical book consequences be damned):



CuriousYellow also had an update on the subject:

Here are the two follow-ups:



You can actually listen to a piece of the audio book (and jump-start the apocalypse, hooray).


This makes me feel like my heart is wearing a snuggie. Awesome.

Tip: Wanna know what the Shining might have looked like with modern technology?

Some enterprising soul took the time to put some modern effects on the classic film. EdificeComplex reports:

The elevator of blood scene from The Shining, recreated with digital effects.

And the original for comparison.

Which do you prefer?

Now for Roklimber's science finds!

Hubble Finds a Star Eating a Planet


Dark Filament of the Sun

Courtesy of APOD:

Artificial Butterfly in Flight and Filmed


Milky Way Over Ancient Ghost Panel:

Courtesy of APOD:

And finally, an oldie but goodie from Ruthless if you let me:

Credit for finding this goes to Mudderofcanton who posted this to the O-Deck.