Could it be the new Three Wolf Moon? We've got an amazing gallery of paintings from Eugene J. Pentz' "Cosmic Series," where animals from whales to deer are living among the stars. They are gloriously cheesy, but also heartfelt.

About his "Cosmic Series," Pentz writes:

The time is fast approaching when we shall reach to other planetary systems, and even into deep space. Then we will seed other worlds with the unique life forms of earth, provided we have not let them die out here at home. That will be possible only if humanity unites in a peaceful and prosperous world community that would permit us to concentrate our energies on preservation, instead of destruction of ourselves and our fellow creatures.

So, next time you look up at the twinkling stars in the night sky, think of the vibrancy, the grace and the complexity of earth's myriad life-forms, multiplied a million, million times in a universe which has no beginning or end.

Want one for your walls, or to put up in your hipster boutique or restaurant? Pentz is selling them on his website.