It's Lady Gaga-inspired Frankenstein fashions from France! Say that five times fast. The Cannes premiere for Tender Son: The Frankenstein Project, a Hungarian postmodern retelling of Frankenstein, featured some bizarrely awesome fashions. More awesomely over-the-top Franken-headgear below.

According to Variety, Tender Son is not actually such a great retelling of Frankenstein:

Never afraid to take on a challenge, Magyar helmer Kornel Mundruczo delivers a contempo, Budapest-set update of Mary Shelley's gothic novel in "Tender Son — The Frankenstein Project." But this adaptation, in which the monster is replaced by a listless 17-year-old who finds his uncaring parents again before turning murderous, is not exactly a Promethean achievement, as Mundruczo ("Delta," "Johanna") struggles to breathe life into his patchwork of disparate elements. Cannes competish berth will guarantee further fest exposure and some sales, but pic will finally end up in the noble-failure column of the helmer's eclectic filmography.

But at least the red-carpet fashions are advancing the cause of crazy head swirlies. Which is the main thing.

Fashion designer Larisa Katz at the Tender Son premiere

Larisa Katz and Viktoria Lerrekh