The plot twists were flying on this weekends SGU. Were you ready for the sudden and unexpected character turns and secret reveals? I certainly wasn't, but maybe it was exactly what SGU needed. Plus TJ gets a baby shower.

This week SGU gave us a villain, lots of villains to be precise. And while as a regular viewer I was a bit confused by the sudden "sure why not" twists and convenient plot lines, it definitely spiced up the series. So all that aside, let the beatings and interrogation rumpus begin!


"Subversion" begins with a Rush nightmare. Apparently Telford, remember him, has been up to no good. His residual memories have crept into Rush's mind after a stone swap, revealing that Telford may or may not be a secret Lucian Spy. You remember the Lucians, they were the group that attacked the Icarus base in the pilot episode, waaaay back when. But why is it that only Telford's memories seem to be seeping into the minds of those he's stone-swapped with? Because he was mind wiped, duh. Which is ridiculously explained later on, to which I say Forget it Jake, It's SGU-town. These things happen, I'm giving up getting exhausted by it for my health. Silly loop hole aside, we knew the second Young got wind of this news from Rush the beatings were about to begin. Excellent.

Young stones to Earth and tells O'Neill [yay!] that the government needs to put a tail on Rush, because either Rush of Telford was a secret spy. Smart move Young, very impressive. So what does SGU do, they hire super secret espionage scientist Dr. Daniel Jackson. Humina what? I know usually I'm all ga-ga for Shanks but this completely left field cameo was odd. Really odd. I like my Jackson as a bad ass scientist explaining elaborate theories with a bit of charm. This felt strange. You know who would have been perfect for this, Sheppard. Just sayin'.

That being said, it was great to see O'Neill again. Even if his humor was completely out of place for this darker series. But admit it, you laughed when he went one way and Young went another. I certainly laughed, then sighed, then sighed again. Memories.


Moving on. Rush has jumped the the stone swapping waiting list and highjacked Telford's body on Earth to get to the bottom of this Lucian spy mystery, all the while being followed by Jackson. Naturally Telford is pissed and immediately knows something is up. Which leads us to a fantastic Young and Telford bar room scene where they both spit venom back and forth at each other. Seriously loved this scene. Let's not forget Young has an axe to grind with Telford for getting cozy with his wife back on Earth. And Telford, he hates Young for taking his "prize" and being a general disgrace. All which was delightfully rehashed with a giant heap of hate in Brody's Bar. Loved this scene, not liked, loved.

Meanwhile back on Earth, Rush breaks into Telford's office finding a key in a candle that leads to a safety deposit box with a cell phone that is miraculously still charged and still has the number to call in the history log. In fact it's the only number in the history log, dialed over and over, not incriminating at all. Sigh, SGU-town. Rush gives number a ring and boom the secret meeting is all arranged.

Now we get to meet the Lucians and their leader Kiva played by the lovely Rhona Mitra. Mitra's emotionless delivery was full of the stuff action star villains are made of, cheese and anger. But it worked. She sniffed out Rush's lie immediately, grabbed her remote control spaceship key and beep-bop their getaway ship is revealed. The Lucians zap Rush and get the hell out of dodge.

Side note, I'm enraptured with the all-leather Lucian Alliance uniform. Here's a shot of the Lucians "incognito" on Earth.

Compared to their casual duds at the secret base. Too bad they didn't show the Lucian locker room changing scene where the crew ditches their suits for leather shirts, jackets and pants. Their leather supplier must make a fortune.

So Telford, now proven to be a spy by Rush's on Earth actions, is locked away aboard the Destiny and Rush is chained up at the secret Lucian base. Let the torturing scenes rain down..

Eventually Rush gives and and reveals that he's really Dr. Rush in a Telford skin sack, much to the delight of Kiva. Now Rush has to set up the Lucian mock Icarus base so they can get their leathery selves aboard the Destiny.


Telford proves a much bigger challenge. Not ready to break his spy cover his beatings pull on the heartstrings of Camille, thus causing a bit of on-board drama. No big surprise there, she hates it when the military does anything. Although I was pretty surprised when she got up in Greer's face about her past mutiny attempts, did she not remember last week when he almost murdered her for that kind of talk? Even if Camille never really said it, she knew that type of talk would set Greer off. Maybe that was the point? Still it seemed pretty stupid to taunt into beating you yet again. Also Camille, your past mutiny failed miserably no one cares if you do it again.

The real shocker though was watching Lt. Scott get all soft about the Telford interrogation and then break specific orders to inform Camille what was happening. "Does he need food and water?" Are you kidding me? How did this guy make it through basic training? If I was Young I would have pistol whipped Scott then and there. Which is actually what almost happens. It's a good back and forth, but it makes you hate Scott a tad. But that is probably the point.

Eventually Telford breaks. But only enough to let them all know that he's on the Lucian team. Naturally Young responds with a death threat, that Brody surprisingly executes. Way to go man, you've got more gumption than Lt. Scott.


We end with a stand off, Young is slowly venting the air in Telford's room while Telford screams through the window. But if they kill Telford while he's in Rush's body, who does that really kill? Will Rush die and the connection become severed, or will Rush get stuck in Telford's body forever? Questions questions. Either way the tension is high. And I can't wait to see what happens next. Bringing back the Lucians certainly upped the excitement aboard Destiny and the next two episodes promise to be Lucian-centric, so let's hope they can keep up with this new fever pace.

In other SGU news, TJ had a baby shower, which Eli took pictures of on his iphone, because the Kinos must all be broken or something. Still, the moment was a sad one. And if I was TJ I would be miserable as well, raising a baby on Destiny would be less than ideal to say the least. Especially with Chloe, ha ha I'm kidding her onesie gift was actually very sweet. Chloe's character is actually really perfect for moments just like this.

Until next time!