It was a busy week for science fiction. The Losties prepared their farewell cruise, The Empire Strikes Back turned 30, new cybernetic Olympic mascots were announced, and antimatter made the headlines. Read on, brutha.

Lost: The 14 Casting Tapes That Started It All
Before the second to last Lost starts tonight, see how far your favorite castaways have come. Check out our collection of Lost casting tapes - including Matthew Fox and Jorge Garcia auditioning for the role of Sawyer.

Scientists discover how matter kicked antimatter's ass in the ancient universe
Immediately after the Big Bang, the earliest elementary particles fought for supremacy, with matter emerging victorious over antimatter. Exactly how that happened, though, had remained mysterious until now, as new data suggest a particular particle was key to matter's success.

All Of Lost's Secrets Are... On Star Trek?!?
Hankering to know all the mysteries of the Island? Well, you've been watching the wrong damn show! All of Lost's questions were answered years earlier on the Star Trek series. Learn that Jin is an alien and Locke had hair!

50 Questions Lost Really Does Need To Answer
Lost may have given us more answers than Battlestar Galactica, but that doesn't mean the plane-crash-into-destiny show is off the hook. Here are 50 questions that Lost really does have to answer, or we'll attack the ABC studios with pitchforks.

Inappropriate Golden Books: Or, how to awesomely warp your children
Pixar Story Artist Josh Cooley has been taking iconic scenes from notably not child-safe movies like The Terminator, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Silence of the Lambs and rendering them as old-school Golden Book pages.

The art that inspired Godzilla and other giant monsters
Toho's monsters don't begin their existences as bodysuits. Illustrators must first sketch out every atomic spike, nuclear fang, and cybernetic proboscis adorning their rubbery hides. Check out Toho's designs for such classic kaiju as Mechagodzilla, Mothra, and Ghidorah.

Why do Olympic mascots always, always suck?
Comics, movies, videogames, and TV shows all know their way around good character design - so how come the Olympics, decade after decade, commission the worst characters ever foisted upon millions? The recently unveiled London 2012 "things" are just...look.

The Empire Strikes Back: The film that introduced a generation to tragedy
Thirty years ago, George Lucas sprung his Star Wars sequel upon a young moviegoing public that was simply unprepared for what they'd see: An unrelenting operatic downer, filled with pain, sacrifice, revelation, and loss. Good times.

Lost's Hurley and Carlton Cuse are ready for the fan backlash
Jorge Garcia and Carlton Cuse took a few moments to talk about the finale with us, and how they both were choked up by what happens. Plus, DVD finale secrets and readying for the inevitable fan backlash.

A whole lot of killing and WTF on V season finale
In the V season finale, we finally reached the place where the show should have begun: With open hostilities mounting between the V and humans. But this triumph was undercut by cheesy, incoherent mumbling. Why is this show so bad?

Supernatural's showrunner Sera Gamble talks about God and endings
Last week, Supernatural ended with an apocalyptic season finale called "Swan Song" where angels fought Lucifer - and got audiences debating the true identity of God. We talked to showrunner Sera Gamble about what it all meant.

Cyberpunk detective novel Altered Carbon really is all that
For years now, people have been telling me to read Richard K. Morgan's cyberpunksploitation novel Altered Carbon, and I've been meaning to get around to it. But holy fuck, it really is that great. Spoilers below.