Disney is reinventing Cinderella as a real-life career girl. To celebrate, here are eight art prints of Disney's princesses, reimagined comic-book style.

Ready to see Cinderella in the flesh as an overworked, underappreciated gal about town, just looking for her Prince Charming? Disney is rumored to be rebooting the glass slippered princess with the help of the Devil Wears Prada scribe.


Deadline is reporting that Disney snapped up a pitch from Aline Brosh the 27 Dresses and The Devil Wears Prada writer. The seven-figure deal promises a full live-action Cinderella reboot. But are people ready for a modern-day fairy tale? We adored Enchanted, but this seems a lot less tongue-and-cheek and a lot more romantic comedy/chick flick, which could be a very good or a very bad thing. How about Cindy gets to be her own Prince Charming this time around? Heh?

To celebrate this news, check out another take on the Disney princesses, drawn up comic-book style by J. Scott Campbell. In keeping with the "comic book art" style [Note the quotes], they can barely keep their seashells on — oh no wait she's not wearing any seashells. At least Maleficent looks bad-ass, as usual.

[J. Scott Campbell via Geekologie]