Behold the macabre revelations of Kris Kuksi, where you will find great beauty in the grotesque. Described as "Fantastic Realism," his work incorporates figures from history, mythology and nature to create bizarre yet somehow familiar sculptures.

A New Divinity - divine, indeed. Bones and architecture. Ladders, wheels, people - all in service to the divine.

Venus admiring Mars - with gun...

I love this image of the old world statues with new weapons. Love and War and there's someone on the right waving a white flag of surrender.

Sanctuary of the Bewildered - check out the image at the top of the tower.

Churchtank - how many ways can this be cool? Too many. This is so wrong, it's right.

A Tribute to the Madness of Beethoven - this is best viewed while listening to Beethoven's Fifth, of course.

Pan Discomforting Psyche - Kris takes a well-known statue and turns it on it's head. I don't see anything particularly comforting in this one, but I do find it quite enchanting.

Imminent Utopia. Might be a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there.

General Heinrich von HowitzerHead - Art, War and Beauty. This one is just mind-blowing.

Napoleonic - another warrior on a horse, with his own strange army.

A Rather Noble Cock. Yes, yes. This might give you a chuckle and yet....I am sure you know people like this. Not so funny now, huh?

Grenadier - this has got to be one of the coolest weapon/machines I have ever seen. Who needs all that shiny futuristic chrome? This is beyond amazing.

Ode to Decadence - I think my favorite part of this one is the astronaut on the left, admiring and desiring the beautiful naked Goddess.

The Recreation - or - The Re-creation. Man is a warlike creature, even from the beginning.

Plague Parade Opus - the creature in this sculpture, just so wild.

OK, it's one thing when you put a weapon on a man's body - men are warlike creatures, it fits. But on a sweet chicken? (Can you tell I like my chickens??)

Saravati Destroyer

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