What happened in scifidom this week? The great Frank Frazetta passed away, nanobots worked the assembly line, Twilight Zone Day came (and mysteriously went), and the new Inception trailer intrigued the dickens out of us.

The Most Luscious Properties in the Public Domain
Here are 10 stories that belong to everybody, stories that still have plenty of juice in them - even if their earlier incarnations left something to be desired.

Behold The First Nanobot Assembly Line In Action
It may look like some diagrams and a few blobs, but what you're seeing here is nothing short of a nanotech revolution. Four nanorobots made of DNA are interacting on an "assembly line" in order to build a tiny device.

Most Ridiculously Inappropriate Scenes From The Original "V"
Sure, the new V has plenty of nekkid alien hijinks - but it's nothing compared to the original series. Check out this scene where a human/alien hybrid woman connects to a spaceship's computer and has a... umm... computergasm. More below.

Five Creatures That Prove Life Could Exist On Other Planets (Or In Space)
Want to know what life will look like on other planets? Look no farther than these five creatures, who are already prepared for life on Saturn's moon Titan - or in the hard vacuum of deep space.

Funniest Moments From Supernatural Season 5: A Video Tribute
Tonight we say goodbye to the fifth season of Supernatural. But before we watch the Winchesters paint the walls with the inside bits of angels, we wanted to pay tribute to the laughs we shared. Here's our video tribute.

Illusions Right Beneath Your Feet
Former NASA advanced space illustrator Kurt Wenner specializes in painstakingly rendered street paintings that fool the eye and hurt the brain.

R.I.P. Frank Frazetta, The Artist Of Our Fantasies
Frank Frazetta passed away earlier today. The creator of many of the genre's most iconic barbarians, warriors and monsters, not to mention Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers art, Frazetta's influence will go on forever.

15 Insane Italian Exploitation Comic Covers (NSFW)
Old Italian comics - or fumetti - were filled with lusty vampire babes, horndog mummies, and Frankenstein getting truckloads of ass. They are the apotheosis of total sleaze. Don't you want to see some?

Screencaps From Christopher Nolan's Inception Trailer Are Full Of Clues
Watch a dream "collapse" around Leonardo DiCaprio in the HD version third trailer for Christopher Nolan's Inception. Meanwhile, we pick up the pieces and try to make sense of his dream-heist movie, with a slew of screencaps and spoilers.

The 10 Weirdest Twilight Zone Villains
So tomorrow is Twilight Zone Day. In honor of this inexplicable holiday, here are the underappreciated baddies of the Serlingverse. Never mind psychokinetic children who'll turn you into a jack-in-the-box. We're talking evil genies who'll turn you into Hitler!

Laura Vandervoort Explains The Easiest Way To Defeat V's Aliens
Laura Vandervoort has a knack for playing alien princesses: She was Kara on Smallville, and now she's heir to the alien throne on V. So why does she have to be in her underwear in every episode? We asked her.