These are pictures of facilities where technicians store cryogenically frozen bodies in the hope that one day they can be revived using advanced technology. Patrick Millard's photos of cryostat tanks blur the line between death and industrial design.

You can learn more about this series of photos, and see more of Millard's work on his website.

10 person cryostat

This is a cryostat tank for pets. This one contains 12 frozen cats. You wouldn't want to wake up in the posthuman world without your furry friends, would you?

6 person cryostat

This is the ice bath where bodies are placed quickly after death to preserve the cells as much as possible before cryostat storage.

This a mobile cryogenics operating room that arrives at the home or hospital of a recently-deceased person so techs can immediately begin preparing the body for storage.

This is a perfusion table, where the body is flooded with antifreeze compounds to keep tissues as intact as possible after freezing.

More equipment used in the freezing process.

More cryostat tanks.