Known to geeks the planet over as ground zero of swank fan culture, Tokyo's Akihabara district has a new power stone in its helmet: The Gundam Cafe, which even has Gundam-themed toilets. Check out this gallery of awesome nerd design.

Based on designs from the popular anime series Gundam, the cafe is enormous and packed with fans and non-fans alike. Time Out Tokyo reports:

The café is operated by Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai, and inside this Gundam themed wonderland the interior is styled to have a futuristic feel, transporting visitors into the universe of the robot story.

Visitors will find at least one of the female staff members dressed in a uniform styled after one of the female Gundam characters, and there is even a corner of the shop dedicated to selling themed products ranging from ningyo-yaki (sweets filled with bean jam baked in the shape of a Gundam) right down to special Gundam coasters . . . Throughout the year, the café plans to both run various themed promotional campaigns and to make alterations to its overall theme to evolve just like the Gundam robots did in the original animated series. The café's current version, dubbed Gundam Cafe Ver 1 is styled with a theme that celebrates what they call the ‘Gunpla 30th Anniversary', and starting with the original Gunpla (plastic model Gundam kit) that was first released in 1980, exhibits approximately fifteen select types of Gunpla models.

via Time Out Tokyo