Iron Man 2 has over half an hour of deleted scenes, according to director Jon Favreau — including some stuff that caused severe negative reactions at an early test screening. Here's our complete list of what was cut, and why.

Probably the most glaring omission from the final cut of Iron Man 2 is Tony's moment where he tells Pepper "You complete me," before he hops out of a plane and onto a stage. This is one of the greatest moments in the movie's trailer, so why was it left out of the film?

Favreau tells MTV the scene messed up the flow of the original intro. Sad. We really liked that scene, well we liked it a lot more than the "two seals wrestling over a grape" quip. But don't worry — it's on the DVD.

One thing that won't be on the DVD: the full Scarlett Johansson crotch shot from the trailer. Why? Because you can see the stunt woman in it, clear as day. That scene was edited down heavily, thus minimizing the awesome power of the crotch attack.


During the Senate hearing early on, there was a zinger between Tony and Justin Hammer, which got left out of the final cut, but it's in Alexander Irvine's novelization of the screenplay, as read by 4th Letter. During the Senate hearing, Hammer says he doesn't know if Tony is a sword or a shield. In the original script, Tony responds, "I don't know if I'm a sword or a shield, but I do know that Hammer is a tool." BA-ZING. It is a pretty good line, but we can see how it would have taken the scene just a little too far towards humor.


In fact there might have been a whole lot more missing Scarjo scenes. Remember this iconic picture that popped up everywhere? It was nowhere to be seen in the final cut. Why? Johansson has no idea, but Favreau told MTV that:

"That one's an interesting one, because the relationship between Tony and Pepper is so special to the audience that it's [delicate]," Favreau said of making Johansson's sensual character appear to be too close to Tony. "If you let him and Scarlett get too flirty and get too close, the audience turns off really quickly, because they really want to root for [Tony and Pepper] together."

Funny he should mention that, because the novelization at 4thletter has lots more tension between Pepper and Natalie. In fact Natalie gets chastised by Pepper for always calling and checking in with her "Dad." Natalie shows up Pepper in Monaco when she can speak French better than Pepper. And finally, Pepper is none too happy to see Natalie and Tony get all cozy at the big Tony's Birthday bash.


Another big omission is Happy's big reveal that he loves Pepper. That's in the novelization, according to 4thLetter:

When Happy drives Pepper to the racetrack, they're shot at by guards, which makes you wonder why nobody's shooting at Whiplash. In the movie, there's that brief part where Happy mentions that the key to the briefcase armor is in his pocket. In the book, Pepper fishes in his pocket for the key and amongst all the panic, Happy confesses that he's always loved her. Suddenly things get very awkward and he admits that he probably shouldn't have said that while she had her hand in his pants.


And finally we all remember the great panic of 2010 when it was revealed that Olivia Munn was in Iron Man 2? The rumor-mongers went wild, with people suggesting she was the new Wasp. Which is just crazy talk, people. Her original part was scrapped and they re-shot a new scene with Munn, as a celebrity entertainment reporter. It was fine. But what was her original role?

"She did a very funny comedic take on a girl that [Tony] was with at his birthday party," he explained. "She pops up again later in his bedroom. But the way the scene went down, that part of the movie didn't want to have comedy because it was starting to get a little bit serious and bump tonally. ... As a scene it was great, but when we put the whole movie together, that's one of the things that happens. It's happened to me many times as an actor, but we called her up and said, 'There's another thing that we're shooting now, we'd love to have you in the film.' "


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