The Toonseum in Pittsburgh, PA is currently hosting the largest collection of art ever displayed from Katsuhiro Otomo's 1988 anime classic Akira. The exhibit only runs until July 18th, so grab your Capsule jacket and ride to the Steel City.

From Toonseum:

[V]isitors of the ToonSeum of Pittsburgh will have a one of a kind opportunity to view the largest collection of AKIRA production art ever displayed to the public. Culled from over 10,000 pieces or original production art from the private collection of guest curator Joe Peacock, The Art Of AKIRA promises to be an amazing experience for fanboys and first-timers alike.

The historic and artistic significance of AKIRA cannot be denied; it was the pinnacle of cel animation. Complete with a definitive orchestral score and professional voice actors, AKIRA was the most expensive animated film ever made when it was released in 1988. The film is a document of many animation firsts but is especially noteworthy for being one of the last completely hand-drawn cel-animated features produced before the rise of digital technology. A collaboration of thousands of artists and thirteen Japanese production companies, this staggering adaptation has become one of the most universally praised films of all time and has inspired a revolution in animation still apparent over 20 years after its release. The Art Of AKIRA celebrates these incredible achievements by giving viewers a fascinating tour of the making of this landmark film.

You can learn more about the exhibit at the above Toonseum link and Art of Akira.

[via Unstage and joethepeacock's Flickr]