What sort of posthuman particulars did io9 cover this week? We reviewed Iron Man 2, put a price tag on Tony's armor, discussed creepy transformations and cyborg drill penises, and talked to IM2's suit guru at Stan Winston's studio.

Portraits In Posthumanity: Steve Mann
Canadian geek artist Steve Mann has augmented his vision with wearable computers for most of his life. He invented his "smart pants" in high school, perfected his body tech rig at MIT, and now has one eye that's a camera.

How Much Would It Cost To Build A Real Iron Man Suit?
Iron Man's suit isn't as science fictional as you might think. Most of its components exist right now in research and development labs. What would it cost Tony Stark today to put them together and become superhuman?

"Am I Not A Man and A Brother?" Four Fictional Legal Systems Respond to Sentient Androids
People have long imagined automatons for society's drudge work. The possibility and its implications are among science fiction's favorite topics. One question that crops up constantly: What is a sentient android's legal status? Is something that feels still property?

Everything You Need To Know About Movie/TV Cyborgs In One Giant Chart
Which movie cyborg brought in the most money? Are you more likely to be turned into a cyborg by the military, or an evil corporation? A new infographic about cyborgs on television and movies from Online Schools reveals all!

The Villain Of Iron Man 2 Is Tony Stark
People will tell you Iron Man 2 has too many villains, and that's why it's such a boring shambles. It's not true: Iron Man 2 only has one villain, and his name is Tony Stark. Spoilers ahead.

Inside Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class with Marvel's Go-To Screenwriters
Zack Stentz and Ashley Edward Miller made their genre bones in TV, as writer-producers on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Fringe. Now they're shifting to movies with Thor and X-Men: First Class under their utility belts.

Great Moments in Crazy Human Mutation
The sight of men and women changing into something new, different, and - albeit rarely - better has transfixed audiences for decades. Usually gory, frequently scary, and occasionally hilarious, here are some of cinema's greatest moments of mutant transformation.

The Top 10 Killer Body Mods - And We Mean Killer Literally
What's the best part of being posthuman? Smiting your enemies with but a single touch, of course! Here are 10 mutants, cyborgs, and martial artists who are equipped to take down their nemeses using deadly limbs and epidermis.

Secrets Of Iron Man's New Suits
Shane Mahan, head honcho at Stan Winston's studio, filled us in with all the new details about Iron Man 2's new army of menaces, and Tony's new armor. Plus find out why no one could actually "be" Iron Man.

John Carter Of Mars Set Photos Show Disney's Barsoom Creatures
Ten-foot-tall aliens ready to be ridden, massive alien statues, and sabretooth-like skulls litter the sets of Disney's John Carter of Mars movie. Check out the latest set pics and updates from the land of Barsoom.

What Inspired Brad Meltzer's Superpowered Sex In Buffy Season 8?
During bestselling writer Brad Meltzer's run on the Buffy The Vampire Slayer comic, Buffy discovered the shocking identity of supervillain Twilight - and had an even more shocking hook-up. We talked to Meltzer about his contributions to the Buffyverse. Spoilers... More »