SGU has finally let go of that magic reset button, and we couldn't be happier about it. This Friday's episode, "Lost," contained a lot of goodness, paired with plenty of potential. Now if only they could rethink their flashback hairstyles.

I was generally pleased with this episode of SGU. Sure it had its flaws and wacky nonsensical character scenarios, but overall there was a lot of good here.


This episode finally stopped SGU from mashing down on the reset button whenever the plot got sticky. Last week, we left four team members stranded on the Canada Ruins Planet. And this week's episode ended with three crew members still lost in space. No reset. No happy ending, nothing was tied up in a big bow, phew. That was the right thing to do. I don't think I could have handled another gritty situation that got resolved in 45 minutes or less episode. Leaving Chloe, Scott and Eli's lives up in the air keeps us all guessing. Because let's admit, I'm willing to bet the majority of the SGU viewers thought this whole stranded in the tunnels bid would be done by the end of the episode. Putting the characters right back where they started, but this time without any hope of a rescue, is delightfully cruel, and we're not sure what's coming next. And that's a good thing.

The other issue this episode finally tackled was fast and dirty Gate jumping. It's been way too long since the Destiny crew members took advantage of the many gates in each galaxy they visit. Caution had to be thrown to the wind this week, and it was a mad dash through Gate after Gate, revealing many different planets, my personal favorite was, naturally, Rancor Planet...

Second only to the Thomas Kinkade landscape painting planet, but we didn't get to see much there.


Basically the general idea of this episode was that Destiny was only going to stop one more time inside this galaxy. So once the ship dropped out of FTL, Rush and his team would start jumping planets, hoping to find Eli and crew. Meanwhile, Eli gets the idea to also start planet hopping himself, thinking they too may find Destiny's dial up code or run into Rush's team. This made for an exciting episode, to be sure, but didn't everyone's parents teach them that when you're lost you should always stay right where you are? Looks like Greer's parents were the only ones that taught him to stay put when lost, in between drunken beatings and slurred verbal abuse.

And that was another big chunk of this series, Greer's back story. No surprise here, the angry guy came from a messed up home. But before we dive into Greer's troubled past I have one, very important, thing I'd like to mention. How in the hell are we supposed to take ANYTHING that happened in Greer's past seriously, when you make his hair look like this?


What did they do to you??

Moving on. I'm exceptionally split on the Greer's big reveal. On one hand, it was the stereotypical mean Daddy issues. And boy was Greer's Father ever ridiculous. From the angry beer glaring, brick wall kicking chores, to flippantly dropping his son off in the bad part of town, to seemingly teach him that he can't rely on anyone but himself. But on the other hand, it's later revealed that his Dad wasn't just a dick because of the usual Bad Daddy issues, he was "changed" by his time in the service. And that time literally made him go insane [post traumatic stress, syndrome or something else]. I seriously hope they are talking about some super serum experimentation shit or else Greer's Dad and son may just be another sad cliché.

Seriously I think I'm hoping a little too hard that Greer's Dad was government guinea pig as opposed to the other obvious, "he is dealing with stuff" excuse. It's TV, I want excitement in my needless flashbacks. Is Greer's Dad as crazy as the ranting lunatic in the hospital next to him, no. But that moment certainly seemed to trigger something ugly inside Greer's Pa. But it still made Greer want to enlist, interesting... Fingers crossed for brain tampering, if not, we're still interested.


Perhaps there is more to Greer's past, but that is all speculation at this point. This episode seemed more intent on using Greer's crazy old Pops to remind him that his team left Greer behind because he's a no good, nothing nobody. And once again, the only person you can rely on is you. Still, Greer's indecision turned out to be the right choice after all. Call me crazy but that right there would be enough assurance that I did the right thing. Either way I'm sure whatever "Scott isn't the friend I thought he was, I'm totally burning our BFF necklaces when I get back on Destiny," issues Greer is harboring will resurface later, along with more of his "like father like son bi-polar" anger flips.

In other Destiny news, TJ made the same sad face she makes every episode, and spilled the beans to Young that she was pregnant with his baby.


I was strangely thrown by the kindness Young showed TJ. Granted I wasn't expecting Young to rebuff the news in a cold manner, but he seemed to make it very clear to his wife back on Earth that he and TJ were over. And yet he goes in right for the hand kiss, hmmmm methinks this isn't really done after all? Is Young going to attempt to burn the candle at both ends, was he just being overly tender to a scared new mother, or does he secretly love old Prom Up-Do TJ but knows he can not pursue her and run Destiny at the same time? So many questions. Sly little move there SGU, you got me thinking. Also I truly hope there isn't a SGU haircut episode coming up anytime soon, everyone is starting to get a little scruffy, and it looks good. And by everyone, I mean Young.

So what will be see next week? My guess is Eli might start unraveling even more. It was fun watching him start to panic, but I wonder if he'll blame himself for sending Chloe and Scott on a wild goose chase through different worlds, losing their kino as well.

As for Chloe, her mention of the possible map hours after they had been stuck underground and missed the Destiny would have been the last words she ever uttered if I was trapped in that tunnel with her. Seriously, you're just mentioning this now?


All in all this was a good episode. Even at the height of Greer's super clichéd past, it still pushed harder than any other episode has before to do more than simply glob another stigma or trial onto a character, like a pregnancy or a dead wife. This episode, while moving very fast, slowed things down and started showing more realistic character flaws inside Eli, Young, Greer and even Lt. James. Now that I'm starting to see what these issues are, I'm excited to see how each person will deal with them in the future.

Last but not least I pose this question to you viewers. If Destiny was attempting to go into a "sleep" mode to conserve energy, why would the independently powered flashlights go out? Sure they are powered up by Destiny's recharger plate, but it's still a separate entity all together. Right? They didn't really flush out this new happening too much, but I'm sure it will be revisited soon. Also kudos to whats-his-face saying what we've all been thinking. If Destiny wants to do something, why don't we let her? The ships been right more times than the crew has thus far.


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