There was no Lost this week, but there was plenty of bizarre fungus, creepy dinosaur sculptures, pissed-off aliens, and deformed cowboys. Just like your senior prom!

38 Reasons Why Iron Man is Cooler than Darth Vader
Both Tony Stark and Anakin Skywalker took to a suit of armor to live. Both came around to becoming heroes. And both are at the center of a massive franchise. But Darth Vader falls short in almost every other way.

What Sick John Carpenter Moments Will The Thing Prequel Explain?
After being called in to rewrite the prequel to John Carpenter's The Thing from scratch, screenwriter Eric Heisserer had a huge task ahead of him. Find out what's getting fleshed out about Carpenter's snowy science lab, and what's left out.

20 Great "All Seems Lost" Moments From Science Fiction/Fantasy!
We don't find out what our science fiction/fantasy heroes are made of, until everything seems hopeless and their backs are against the wall. The greatest SF stories also contain the greatest "all seems lost" moments, and here are our favorites.

First Jonah Hex Trailer Blasts Amazing Josh Brolin Antics Into Your Melted Face
The new trailer for Jonah Hex shows everyone why Josh Brolin is a bona fide bad ass. From the horse-strapped machine guns to the wit, Brolin has completely nailed comics' weirdest Western hero. Plus Megan Fox doesn't look too shabby.

The Virtual Beauty of Matte Painting
While it's probably fair to say that most modern special-effects blockbusters aren't art, but they do allow some amazing artists to create some stunning, illusory artwork.

This Revolting Fungus Could Make You Younger And Healthier
This looks like an alien parasite, or maybe an evil brain, but it's actually a fungus that attacks corn. U.S. farmers call it "corn smut" and have spent millions to eradicate it. But it's actually better for you than corn

Stephen Hawking Admits that Aliens Will Probably Fuck Us Up
The world's most famous living scientist has confirmed what science fiction filmmakers have postulated since the beginning of cinema: There is life out there in the cosmos, and it would most likely smash us to atoms.

What Happens If You're Traveling At The Speed Of Light And Turn On Your Headlights?
One of the most popular questions from our "ask a physicist" feature was, "What happens if you're driving at the speed of light and you turn on your headlights?" The simple answer: You can't. So quit trying.

The Top 10 Weirdest Songs From Superhero Movies
Mika's single for Kick-Ass continues the cherished tradition of musicians penning (often absurd) songs for superhero flicks. Here are some of the best and/or worst songs from comic-book cinema. And no, that Nickelback song from Spider-Man ain't on here.

Iron Man and AC/DC "Destroy" an Olde English Castle
Yes, it's a very elaborate ad for AC/DC's Iron Man 2 soundtrack, but this video in which the Great Keep of England's Rochester Castle is the backdrop for a display of architectural projection mapping is totally wicked.

Top 10 Greatest Science Fiction Detective Novels Of All Time
China Miéville's detective story The City And The City is well on its way to being the award-winningest novel of the year. But it's not the only great novel about science fiction/fantasy sleuths. Here are 10 other SF detective classics.

21-Foot-Tall Robot Baby To Defend People's Republic
On May 1, guests at Shanghai's Expo 2010 will encounter a giant, cooing robo-baby built by the special-effects artists behind Alien vs. Predator. Is this ankle-biting abomination China's new superweapon? After watching this monstrosity in motion, we vote "yes" unequivocally.

Michigan's Abandoned Dinosaur Amusement Park Is Way Creepy
Abandoned amusement parks are eerie. But an abandoned park filled with fiberglass dinosaurs? Eerie as shit. In Irish Hills, Michigan, you can find one such saurian-filled ghost-town: The Prehistoric Forest. It's like Jurassic Park, but the T-Rex eats your soul.