Inspired by Soviet-era technology and Jewish symbols, Derek Stenning has created a series of paintings in which retro-outfitted cosmonauts travel the skies of an industrial future.

Stenning explains the unusual name for his series, Entartete Kunst

Entartete Kunst is german for "Degenerate Art", and was a term developed by Nazi theorists to describe most modern art, as they felt it was socially corruptive and Judeo-Bolshevist in nature.

I find these discriminating ideas absurd, but I have adopted the Judeo-Bolshevist theme in this work (the cosmonauts, the hexagram etc.) as a starting point to create these images.

In addition to these paintings, Stenning has also created Entartete Kunst designs for Endeavor Snowboards.

Entartete Kunst [Born in Concrete via Super Punch]