The motorcycle gear company Icon also makes fabulous high-heeled boots for your chic cycling needs.

You'll need a tattered skirt with lots of pockets, d-skirts and straps.

I found this French-run company based in Hong Kong and Bali, Shaman Electro, by looking at the tag on the back of Editor-in-Chief Theresa Ikard's fabulous tattered skirt.

Or this amazing one by Cryoflesh.

Or some demented modular skirt plus pants thing:

Then you need a jacket. Maybe you'll want this fucking crazy stillsuit/desert nomad hoodie to protect you from the radioactive ash.

Or how about Kevlar or Aramid lined hoodies that deflect knife cuts? Try out this razortape-print Kevlar-lined hoodie from BladeRunner in the UK. They even have a sickening pink "ladies" version.

If you're protecting yourself from the elements in the frozen wastes of Brazil, you'll want a warm coat. After much research, I've concluded that most women's cold-weather gear is not hot, and therefore, by definition, sucks-not-in-the-good-way.


The only cool insulated jackets are from motorcycle gear companies-and they have the advantage of being armored at the shoulders and elbows, for when you jump out of the speeding jacked-up BattlePrius in the middle of the wasteland.

I like the British motorcycle gear company Frank Thomas for their armored Venus line.

This jacket from FirstGear is actually electrically heated. You can plug it in to your methane-powered hybrid motocross hoverbike!

Then you need a place to put your gear. You'll want your hands free, so you need a utility belt or Tactical Corset.

If you can't afford a Tactical Corset, Poizen Industries makes the cute bustier on the right with zipoff pockets and ammo holders.

The craziest, most amazing utility belts and holster belts anywhere are on etsy at Jungle Tribe's shop.

Also on etsy is JustinTime, affordable and made of recycled leather:

Much, much cheaper are cloth utility belts.

I also love Hipstirr. The Playa Princess from MetaForce is cool-though they used to be much cheaper!

Five and Diamond's Wild Card belts are fabulous. There are Wild Card holster belts, and the Skin Graft holster belts sold both at F&D and at the Skin Graft site.

The Skin Graft garter holster belt is so hot your head will fall off.

And you'll need some gloves when you're shooting your crossbow at mutants-like Steam Trunk's Archery gloves:

Once you've stashed your gear about your person in all your little pockets and pouches, you can protect yourself from the toxic rain with the Blade Runner umbrella-thinkgeek is out of stock, but has more coming.