What happened on io9 recently? We talked Avatar 2 with Jon Landau, Eyjafjallajökul ruined flights (but looked darn purdy), Klingons screamed at us, Earth Day flicks disappointed us, and bunch of luchadores fought Dracula. In sum, a normal week.

Crappiest "Save The Earth" Movie Messages Of All Time
Happy Earth Day, you disgusting mass of consumers! What better way to celebrate than with a round-up of the worst eco-friendly, lecturing movies? We also include a few "green" films that won't make you feel bludgeoned by a tree.

Ten Movies That Should Never Get Sequels
It's a Hollywood rule: If a movie does well, make a sequel. Occasionally it works - Aliens, The Road Warrior, Dawn of the Dead - but too often it leads to disaster. Here are 10 that should be left alone.

Cameron's Next Project May Not Be Avatar 2 Or Battle Angel
James Cameron's keeping his options open, according to his longtime producer Jon Landau: He may not direct an Avatar sequel or Battle Angel next. Landau also explained to us how Cameron might do underwater motion-capture for Avatar 2's ocean scenes.

Four Arguments Against Immortality
Science fiction is full of stories where our heroes live forever. And some current biological research is aimed at making our lives last centuries. So what's the downside of lasting forever? Here are four reasons to be a mortalist.

4 Danger Signs To Search For, Before Sending Off Your Novel
Congratulations! Your epic space-opera novel is finished, and you're preparing to fire off your query letters to agents. But even though you've read your manuscript a hundred times, you still may have missed some weaknesses. Here's how to find them.

Everything You Need To Know About Doctor Who
Doctor Who's the highest rated show in BBC America's history, and the time-traveling alien is such an icon, people are calling for him to be Britain's new patron saint. But what's Doctor Who really about? How can you appreciate it?

When You Need To Get Stoned And Watch Scifi - Try These Shows
Yesterday was 4/20, a day for celebrating the miracle of marijuana across the globe. But when you're watching scifi TV, every day is 4/20. We have the ultimate list of stoner-friendly TV. Pack a bowl and tune in!

Being Cuckolded By Klingons Is Hypnotic
Apparently, there was a Star Trek interactive board game that had Klingon Chancellor Gowron shouting at you to make your next move. But if you looped all of his shoutings together... We dare you to look away.

6 Stars Who Could Be The Next Female Action Hero
Who will be the big screen's next Sigourney Weaver? We've had a few years now without any great action movies starring women, but 2010 could be the year this changes. Here are six picks for the action heroines of tomorrow.

Eyjafjallajökull Rains Lightning Upon You
The ongoing eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull has filled the atmosphere with so much dust that airplanes throughout the world are grounded. These incredible photographs show the lightning-laced wrath of the volcano that won't stop.

Santo, The Mexican Wrestler Who Fought Aliens, Nazis, And Vampires
Santo the luchador was one of the most prolific monster fighters in cinema history. In addition to solving crimes and wooing bikini-clad babes, Santo found the time to wrestle the Wolfman, Martians, mummies, and the Bermuda Triangle...over 54 movies.