Wolverine's claws glisten in the moonlight. Emma Frost makes us hot for teacher. Superman plays Atlas, with the world on his shoulders. Artist RoganJosh breaks superbeings down to their essential elements, then adds his own, often humorous touch.

RoganJosh's Modern Hero series plays with the iconic imagery of superheroes and supervillains in illustrations that are at once minimalist and playful. Madman gets remixed with the credits from Man Men, Tony Stark strips off his armor, Namor shows off his swimmer's build, and the New Mutants get a peek at their new headmaster.

You can check out the entire series at RoganJosh's Etsy store, where prints are available for $18 a piece. And be sure to check out the text he's written to accompany each print.

Modernist Mutants and Minimalist Marvels [Etsy via Metafilter]