Last week, we addressed the fact that anti-Twilight hatred has grown stale. But Twilight's not the only science fiction/fantasy phenomenon that fans have flogged to death. Here are 15 other movies, comics and TV shows that deserve a break.

1.) Arnold Schwarzenegger's performance in Batman and Robin: For teaching us that our past indiscretions - no matter how egregious - won't prevent us from winning a public office.

2.) Rob Liefeld Artwork: For teaching us that bigorexia is an unattractive look.

3.) Kevin Costner in Waterworld and The Postman: For teaching us that no matter how unlucky we are in love, everyone in the post-apocalypse will be dying for our sperm.

4.) Mick Jagger in Freejack: For teaching us that rock stars make otherwise unwatchable films watchable.

5.) Peter Parker's dance sequence from Spider-Man 3: For being perhaps the only superhero film for the next 100 years to have an extended jazz breakdown sequence.

6.) Puff Daddy featuring Jimmy Page - "Come With Me": For being perhaps the only battle rap in history directed towards a giant fictional lizard. Innovative! See also LL Cool J's "Deepest Bluest", which will be the only rap song ever about Deep Blue Sea.

7.) League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: For being an excellent public repudiation of the misconception that comics are "kids' stuff" and that movies are an implicitly more enlightened storytelling medium.

8.) Tim Burton's Planet Of The Apes: For forcing everyone in the audience to visualize - at least for a single millisecond - what it would be like to make love to giant, anthropomorphic chimpanzees. No wonder no one will admit to enjoying this film. We're all too ashamed to go down that rabbit hole again.

9.) Leonard Nimoy's "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins": For teaching that even the most dignified of us have off days.

10.) Jar-Jar Binks: For teaching us that children are smarter than we give them credit for.

11.) Tsaheylu: For making you thankful you didn't have to marry the first person you ever slept with.

12.) The Last Airbender's race-bending controversy: For being the M. Night Shyamalan controversy we're worried about, rather than any plans to make The Happening 2.

13.) Christian Bale's Bat-Voice: For not forcing Chris Nolan to invent the "Bat-Voice Changer."

14.) Megan Fox in Transformers: For being perhaps the only actress in Hollywood whose glazed nonchalance could make giant, shape-shifting robots seem plausible.

15.) The Juggernaut from X3: For showing us that shameless fan pandering works, and - if someday harnessed for the powers of good - could heal the world in ways we've never dreamed of.