With Clash of the Titans getting an update, the time is perfect for Ryan Mauskopf's humorous illustrations placing Greek mythological figures in the modern world. Too bad most gods and monsters aren't quite ready for modern life.

For this year's junior thesis project, the School of Visual Arts asked students to transform Greek myths. Mauskopf decided to imagine how certain mythical beings might fare in the modern world. The projects are on display in New York at SVA's Chelsea Gallery.

SVA Junior Thesis: Greek Mythology Transformed [Concept Art World via Super Punch]

Cerberus and the Hillbilly Hooligans

Charon and the Coast Guard

Cronus and the Delicious Baby

Hermes and the Po-Po

Icarus and the Jumbo Jet

Medusa and the Optometrist

The Cyclops and the 3D Movie

Triton and the Fishing Net