What happened on io9 this week? Joss Whedon nabbed Avengers (huzzah!), the io9 Commentary Twack debuted with Dune, Grant Morrison talked Batman, mysterious cryptography boggled us, and McLovin hinted at Kick-Ass 2 (and wore sweet shoes).

Why Joss Whedon Should Be Your New Marvel Movie Overlord
Will Joss Whedon ruin your superhero-gasm? Some fans seem worried that the Buffy/Firefly creator will spoil The Avengers, which might be the most important superhero film ever. But they're wrong - Whedon will save The Avengers from wretched excess.

And The Answer To One Of Cryptography's Mysteries Is . . . 42
Generating truly random numbers is notoriously difficult. But now, using a quantum system, researchers have managed to create 42 genuinely random numbers. Their discovery is a major breakthrough for cryptography, and could one day enable truly private communication online.

McLovin Tells Us What'll Happen In Kick-Ass
We sat down with Kick-Ass' Red Mist, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and talked blood masks, murder, and what's ahead in the sequel. Plus check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes Red Mist picture and a look at his limited-edition Kick-Ass shoes. Spoilers ahead...

Do You Have An Abusive Relationship With Pop Culture?
What if Iron Man 2 sucks? Or the finale of Lost leaves us cold? Why do you care so much about things that don't care about you? It's possible that you're in an abusive relationship with pop culture.

Grant Morrison's Philosophy Of Comics
io9 caught up with Batman and Robin scribe Grant Morrison and asked him about his upcoming miniseries The Return of Bruce Wayne. Grant also filled us in on the We3 movie, Joe The Barbarian, and his take on comic continuity.

Why The Twilight Hate Has Gotten Boring
When the trailer for new Twilight movie Eclipse played at a recent fan convention in San Francisco, the crowd erupted in boos so loud the soundtrack was drowned out. That's when I realized hating Twilight had gotten boring.

When A Bad Movie Has One Incredibly Great Scene
Why do so many bad movies have one good scene each? All of a sudden, the awfulness goes away, and the movie starts living up to its potential. The performances click, the action is exciting. Here are 20-odd examples.

Hit-Girl Responds To The Outrage Against Her Teenage Ultra-Violence
Chloe Moretz's Kick-Ass character Hit-Girl has unleashed a flood of outrage from family groups, claiming the 11-year-old's mega-violent antics will encourage other children to follow in her footsteps. Moretz responds to the critics. Meanwhile, watch her in graphic new footage.

The Best of Last Night's Dune Commentary Twack
We launched our io9 Movie Mondays with a live-tweeting of David Lynch's Dune. If you weren't able to take part in the joy, fun, or seasons in the sun, here are the highlights of last night.

Man Finds Mysterious Fluid-Secreting Skull; Local News Anchor Baffled
Years ago, Tony Richardson found a strange skull on the sea floor. After 15 years of silence (and keeping the skull in his garage), he's demanding answers. Luckily, reporter Bill Green's on the case! Can you help solve the mystery?