One thing we love about the bubble-gum slaughter epic Kick-Ass is the heaps of Easter Eggs and comic book references. We've made a list of the best moments, from jabs at The Dark Knight to subtle movie tie-ins. Spoilers ahead...

Superhero Montages, Pokes and Riffs

Throughout the film, many scenes pay homage to past superhero flicks. Even Nic Cage's Big Daddy voice could be considered a massive Adam West tribute/Dark Knight dig according to director Matthew Vaughn:

When we did the first costume fitting, Nic started running lines, which I was pretty impressed by because the costume fitting was six weeks before we shot, and he knew all of his lines already. And he started doing it in the Adam West style. I thought it was very funny. I just encouraged it. We went for it...Also if anything The Dark Knight just drove me nuts with that stupid voice, so it was a little bit of like we'll have a silly voice as well, and we'll do it in a way that's actually meant to be funny.

Vaughn also pays a lot of respect to Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, as Kick-Ass attempts to jump from building to building — but with his own twist of course. Kick-Ass' buddy Red Mist spews out Jack Nicholson Joker quotes. And of course, there's the riff on Peter Parker, with the great line: "With no power comes no responsibility." I'm sure there are many, many more subtle Easter eggs, so keep your eyes peeled. And let us know.

Claudia Schiffer

Christopher Mintz-Plasse pointed out these two little Easter Eggs to us in our exclusive interview. That billboard you see right there is Claudia Schiffer, Vaughn's model wife.

Layer Cake

Another Matthew Vaughn reference is the appearance, and then destruction of two Layer Cake reference. That little yellow Chrysler — and Dexter Fletcher, who was also an actor in Layer Cake. They both have pretty brutal ends in Kick-Ass.

Wolverine's X-Rays

After Kick-Ass gets stabbed and hit by a car, he's taken into the hospital and gets a full body x-ray that is posted up on the wall, almost identically to X-Men's Wolverine.

A Toast To Possibly The Worst Superhero Film Of All Time

When Red Mist goes to the movie with his father, make sure to look at what else is playing in the theater. You should see The Spirit 3 on the marquee. Which Vaughn admitted was originally Spider-Man 10 or something, but later it had to be changed because Sony wasn't too happy about the reference. So they went with another film and worked with a studio that was "a little bit more open minded," Vaughn explained.


Comics are everywhere, especially in the many scenes that take place in a comic-book store. Plus comics writer Mark Millar wanted to put his friends work front and center. So look for lots of past Millar work, along with Scott Pilgrim, Mike Mignola books, and The Runaways. Maybe Hollywood will take the hint and fast-track Runaways into production.