This gorgeous April week, Sookie Stackhouse shed her skivvies, good scifi made us cry, we talked to Eisner-nominated cartoonist Dash Shaw and Zoe Saldana, and scientists discovered Cretaceous flora and fauna encased in amber. Bottom line? Banner week!

"After.Life" Manages To Make Dead, Naked Christina Ricci Boring
On paper, the indie flick After.Life sounds terrific. Liam Neeson plays an undertaker who may be crazy, or may be a supernatural creature who helps the restless dead like Christina Ricci accept their fates. Unfortunately it feels rote. Spoilers!

The True Blood Porn Parody: A Fleshbot/io9 Review
A porn parody of "True Blood": has there ever been a more amazing idea? The sexiest show on television...only with real sex. Fleshbot and io9 were both so excited for this release, we teamed up for a joint review.

Come With Me if You Want to Cry: The Biggest Tearjerkers In The Scifi Pantheon
You might not think to pop in a science fiction movie or TV episode when you're looking for a good bawl. And you'd be wrong. Here are 15 surefire ways to get the tear ducts leaking.

Sex, Dystopia, And Telepathic Reefer In Dash Shaw's BodyWorld
It's 2060 AD. A strange telepathy-inducing plant has been discovered in Boney Borough, Virginia. Unfortunately, telepathy causes extreme horniness and insanity. And that's just the beginning of Dash Shaw's new graphic novel BodyWorld. Shaw spoke to io9 about the madness.

Why Can't Grant Morrison Stay In Continuity?
I love Grant Morrison. You love Grant Morrison. Your significant other is probably thinking lewd thoughts about Grant Morrison right now. But there's one place where G.M. gets no love: mainstream superhero comic continuity. What's up with that?

What Was The Last Movie You Saw Without Knowing Anything About It?
When was the last time you walked into a movie, without knowing anything beyond the title and maybe who was in it? Not even seeing the trailer first? These days, it's hard to believe such an experience even exists.

Perfectly-Preserved Plants And Insects Discovered From 95 Million Years Ago
An amazing discovery of perfectly-preserved amber in Ethiopia has given scientists an unprecedented glimpse of the ecosystem in that region 95 million years ago. These pictures show plants and insects from the Cretaceous woodlands, right after flowering plants had evolved.

Zoe Saldana Hopes The Next Star Trek Deepens The Spock-Uhura Relationship
We caught up with Star Trek/Avatar star Zoe Saldana this past weekend at Wondercon, and she told us to expect a lot of surprises in the next Trek. And she hopes to see a deepening of the Spock-Uhura romance.

Lucas Says Yes To Star Wars Sitcom From Robot Chicken Team
There have been lots of funny moments in the Star Wars Universe - though many probably weren't on purpose - but now George Lucas is drafting the Robot Chicken team to make an out-and-out comedy TV series.