In this week's Ugly Americans, zombies become an allegory for all 1960s culture wars, gelatinous blobs are bigots, yetis are Eurotrash, and New Jersey is an undead-filled cesspool. How can we hate when we're all monsters?

Yesterday's Ugly Americans - "Blob Gets A Job" - was far and away the best episode of the run thus far. It had a little worldbuilding (there was a Great Zombie War of the Sixties and undead hunting is still legal in New Jersey), a whole lot of Leonard incompetence (at one point, he's held hostage by what's obviously Tundro from The Herculoids), and just a twinge of sweetness to make this extremely perverse medicine go down (Randall's parents accept him as a zombie. Awww.). Also, was that Birdo from Super Mario Bros. 2 Randall propositioned for a threesome?

Randall's subplot was the strongest of the episode. He's rented out his and Mark's apartment to make a killing on this year's Yeti Convention, so they road-trip down to Jersey to meet Randall's folks. The scenes in which Randall's folks discover their son's a reanimate make Randall more of a sympathetic character - all his masturbation jokes hide the fact that he's not comfortable in his cold, dead skin. Also, Jersey jokes abound this episode, so laugh if you're into that kind of thing. (I grew up outside of Trenton, so I have a thick skin. I mutated my thick skin swimming in Delaware River run-off.)

Also, can we get more cryptids on the show? The yetis were a lot of fun, mostly since they came off as wild and crazy guys.

I suppose I should mention the episode's titular blob. He's a racist, anti-Semitic mass, and it's Leonard's job to get him employed. Leonard's in full form here, alternating between giving up and using an issue of Cosmopolitan as a job manual. He's the least effective cartoon wizard since Venger from Dungeons & Dragons, getting thwarted by those stupid kids all the time.